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Want to be a world-famous chef, like me? Well, you got to practice. Remember, there's always time for Burgertime!

Just use the arrow keys to walk over the hamburger buns, meat patties, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese to make your own giant hamburgers. But watch out for the hot dogs, eggs, and pickles that will try to stop you. They're scared of pepper, so use the space bar to stun them with it.

Time for Burgertime at My Baby Monsters
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This amazing video game was created by Robb Briggs in Macromedia Flash*.
It is based on the 1982, classic arcade game Burgertime ( バーガータイム) by Data East.

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* These new flash versions of classic video games were made by people with a passion for video games. The links inside the video games will take you to their site. If you have a game you would like to share with children around the world, then contact us.