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The taste of flowers
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The yellow flowers don't open when their cold,
they stay inside their house.

But when it's very hot outside,
they open up
so the bees and butterflies
can stop by for a drink.

All flowers have different flavors.

The purple flowers taste like blueberry.
The yellow flowers taste like kiwi.
The green flowers tasts like bananas.
The blue flowers tasts of coconuts.
The white flowers taste like snow.

Have fun,
— Josie


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"The taste of flowers"
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  1. Storyteller Brad (13) added to the children's story:

    And all was peaceful in the world until some new flowers moved into town with their special flavors that the bees and butterflies had never heard of or tasted before. And they loved it.

  2. Storyteller Anonymous added to the children's story:

    flowers are berautiful and give us very beutiful smell

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The taste of flowers?
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This children's story can be found in the My Baby Monsters Storytelling Library of Children's Stories, under All of the Fun Animal Stories. It was written by Josie (Daughter of My Baby Monsters and Child Storyteller) on Monday, June 19th, 2006 at 2:50 pm (Josie Time, UTC +2).

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