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The Really Rotten Apple and his Recipe for World Domination
[another fabulous fruit and yummy candy story for kids and their families]

One day, Baby Monster Mom was going to make a fruit salad.
. Fruit salad, yum yummy.
Fruit salad, yum yummy.
Um, dad?
. I am not your dad. I'm just some rotten fruit.
Okay, then I'm going to take you and put you in the trash can.
Are you the rotten fruit or not?
. Mmgh mmgh mmgh
And then mom took the kiwi.
. Kee hee hee
It was very good on the outside, but on the inside, the seeds were blue.
. Blue seeds of DOOM!
And then mom tasted one. She thought it tasted like candy.
. Mmmmmm, candy.
So, she put it in the fruit salad.
. He he he, my plan for world domination is going according to plan, HA HA HA, said the fruit.
What are you saying?
. Oops, nothing. I'm back in the trash can.
You put a spell on it?
. No, I can't spell. I don't even know how to read or write. HA HA HA!
You have a helper then… I know it!
. He he he. I do, I do. I really have a helper… wait close your eyes so you can't hear.
My helpers name is Grossie Josie
Your helper's name Grossie Josie.
. Wait, aghh! I don't understand. How could you hear what I said?
I did not close my ears, I closed my eyes.
. And?
You do not hear with your eyes, you hear with your ears.
. I hear with my eyes! I have no ears! I'm a potato. A rotten Halloween potato, ha ha ha!
No, you're lying. You have an ear right there.
. No, that's not mine. That's someone else's. Um, Mr. Potato is in the trash too.
Well, then Baby Monster Mom took the apple… you are the rotten apple and that's who she took.
. Huh?
She looked at it…
. … and she said, hmmm, this is the best apple in the world.
Then she turned it around and said EWWWW! Well. I'm just going to cut it in half and see…
. Owww owww, don't cut me.
Nahh, no better. Maybe if I cut it one more time.
No better. Maybe if I must cut the eyes off.

Have fun,
— Josie (and dad)