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Day 3: Interview with an Old Lady
(a children's guide book to time travel)

Old Laaadee: I'm an old laaadee.

Her Dad: What?

Old Laaadee: I'm an old laaadee!

Her Dad: I still can't hear you.

Old Laaadee: I'm an old LAAADEEE!!!

Her Dad: Oh, you're an old lady.

Old Lady: Yes.

Her Dad: Are you sure? You look a little moldy. Maybe you're just old bread?

Old Lady: No, I'm an old lady!

Her Dad: Okay, you're an old lady. So what's your story.

Old Lady: I was traveling through and back in time, when all of a sudden, I fell over and became an old lady.

Her Dad: You tripped through time and became old?

Old Lady: Yes, and then I saw Baby Monster Grandma, when I fell, because she was spinning around my head.

Her Dad: Like in the cartoons? Like when little birds fly around?

Old Lady: Yes, or stars…. and now I'm an old lady.

Her Dad: What's it like being an old lady?

Old Lady: I need help taking clothes on.

Her Dad: Why do you need help taking clothes on? You're already wearing clothes.

Old Lady: And off.

Her Dad: Hey, wait. Why do you need help taking clothes off? No, no, no… this is a kid's story. Keep your clothes on old lady.

Old Lady: Well, my mom helps me take them on and off.

Her Dad: Wait. you're an old lady and your mom's still around? She must be a really old, old, old lady.

Old Lady: Yes. My mom is actually 36 and I am 57.

Have fun,
— old lady, Josie (and her dad)

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