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Alehck Park

The Upset Tummy
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The Upset Tummy was not very happy because the little girl ate too much candy.

She ate too much candy when she and her family visited her Oldemor (Danish for Great Grandma), because her Oldemor let her eat all the junk food she wanted.

But then the little girl didn't want to do go to sleep because her Upset Tummy hurt even more every time she laid down.

So finally the little girl went into her mommy's and daddy's room and threw up all over mommy, and daddy, and the baby, and the bed.

The bed was sloppy and the baby was stinky. The mommy and the daddy, well, they were the mommy and the daddy.

Then the girl drank some water and she threw up again.

Have fun,
— Josie


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"The Upset Tummy"
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  1. Storyteller jasmine added to the children's story:

    later she went downstairs and ate ice cream. then she went up to her parents room and threw up again 17 times!

  2. Storyteller Dianne added to the children's story:

    She went down to lie down and didn't wake up till morning

  3. Storyteller Lizzie (10) added to the children's story:

    She groaned and a fairy appeared and told her not to worry and told the upset tummy to go away and it did.She got better and thanked the fairy,who told her not to eat so much candy again

  4. Storyteller sophie 12 added to the children's story:

    as soon as she left she want to the cupborad and took all the candy and ate it all the next hour she went to her mummy and daddy and threw chunks and chunks at them she laid back down hopeing the fairy would appeared againg but she never did.

  5. Storyteller ???? added to the children's story:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Storyteller Tyler added to the children's story:

    so THE END

  7. Storyteller 7 added to the children's story:

    but then she threw up blood 19999999999999 times and died

  8. Storyteller The Imminent Hannah 12+almost 3/4 added to the children's story:

    She got reincarnated as a baby. The baby grew up. It still could remember from its previous life, that candy was good. So one Halloween they went out with their friends and had a candy-eating contest. Then they played a game, and ate more candy. Then they watched a scary movie, and ate more candy. Afterwards, they had another Upset Tummy. They were still not extremely smart, so they thought eating more candy would help. They ate more candy. Then they had to barf, so they went and barfed on their parents. And then…

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The Upset Tummy?
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This children's story can be found in the My Baby Monsters Storytelling Library of Children's Stories, under All of Kids' Fantastic Dreams & Scary Nightmares, All the Best Stories of Kids' Candy. It was written by Josie (Daughter of My Baby Monsters and Child Storyteller) on Monday, May 15th, 2006 at 3:15 pm (Josie Time, UTC +2).

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