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Fun Facts for kids about HIPPOS (Hip Hip Hurrah)

Happy Birthday to You
Hippos, Indian Rhinos, Jellyfish, Jack Benny, and Kids
[great children's songs – wild alphabet animal story – enhanced podcast:
season 2, letters H, I, J, & K — part 1]

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Children's stories, kids' music, and fun facts featured in this podcast (from Wild Alphabet Stories):

  • H is for Hippos — Hap Hip Birthday to You
    Children's song is a parody of the commercial for the children's game Hungry Hungry Hippo and the children's song, Happy Birthday to You.
  • Fun Facts about HIPPOS (Hip Hip Hurrah)
  • I is for Indian Rhino — Watch out for that horn and other important lessons
    Children's song is a parody of the Spanish song, Ay, yi, yi, yi. Cielito Lindo, and is filled with lots of fact about the Indian Rhinoceros.
  • Fun Facts about RHINOS (Only a little hair, like my dad)
  • J is for Jellyfish — J-E-L-L-Zap
    Children's song is a parody of the commercial for the family favorite "food", Jello as well as Dr. Seuss's classic children's book, Green Eggs and Ham.
  • Fun Facts JELLY FISH (Delicious recipes)
  • K is for Kids — So, you GOT MILK?
    Children's song is a parody of the classic children's song, Baah Baah Black Sheep, as well as the Got Milk? commercials.
  • Fun Facts about KIDS (What's got your goat?)

Children's art featured in this podcast:

Children's Art

from upcoming
Wild Alphabet Stories children's book

Wild Animal Alphabet Stories: Happy Birthday Hippo

H is for Hippos,
as in…
Hap-hip Birthday to you.
Hap-hip Birthday to you.
Hap-hip Birthday dear uh-oh.
Hungry Hungry Hippo
Hungry Hungry Hippo
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Educational resources for parents and educators!
Hippos, Indian Rhinos, Jellyfish, Kids (Wild Goat parents)
and the guest artists in this episode.

Have fun,
— Josie (and dad)


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"Happy Birthday to You
Hippos, Indian Rhinos, Jellyfish, Jack Benny, and Kids
[great children's songs – wild alphabet animal story – enhanced podcast:
season 2, letters H, I, J, & K — part 1]
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  1. Storyteller Alice 8 added to the children's story:

    If you can't sing the song I will.

    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday dear Josie.
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Hope you're birthday was great and you dad didn't eat all the cake.

  2. Storyteller Mary (mom) added to the children's story:

    Josie, your songs keep getting better and better. We look forward to reading your new book.

    Thanks for the fun,
    The Newbery Family

  3. Storyteller Josie 7 added to the children's story:

    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday dear Dad.
    Happy Birthday to you.

  4. Storyteller Callum 12 added to the children's story:

    Nothing personal, but

    Happy Birthday to you.
    You live in a zoo
    You look like a money,
    or was it a hippo, indian rhinoceros, jellyfish, or goat
    and you smell like one too.

  5. Storyteller Morgan added to the children's story:

    Morgan Long
    A Pup's Life
    A story about a puppy's life
    Told by the puppy!

    Chapter #1 About Me

    "Bandit," my owner, Morgan, called. "Time to go for a walk," Then she whistled for me. I hurried from behind the couch and ran over to Morgan. I jumped excitedly. She attached the leash to my collar and called "Mom! I'm taking Bandit for a walk,"

    "Okay," I heard her mom reply. Morgan is 10, by the way.

    Morgan opened the door. I ran outside. Ahh…the great outdoors! I ran down the sidewalk with Morgan by my side. When we got to the bottom of the street, I heard Lucy.

    Lucy is a German Short-Haired Pointer, just like me…but Lucy is 11 years old and I'm only 12 weeks old. Lucy has a little brother, Gunner. Gunner is my age and he's my best friend! Gunner is also my brother.

    I heard him, too. They were trying to talk to me. They saw me through the window of their house. "Well, Lucy could…Gunner is too small…" but they were talking to me.

    "Hey Bandit," Lucy barked. "Bandit? It's Bandit? You said it was Sheba! I hate Sheba! But I don't hate Bandit!"

    "Hey Bandit! Want to come over to play? Huh? Huh? Do you?" Gunner said excitedly.

    "I can't Gunner. Your owners aren't home, remember?" I said back.

    "Oh… yeah… I kind of forgot about them… Well, we'll see you later then," Gunner said. "Bye Lucy!"

    "Bye Gunner," I called.

    "See you, Bandit," called Lucy. "And watch out, Doberman is out."

    "Okay! Bye-Bye," I barked.

    As Morgan and I walked past the next house, I noticed right away that the Doberman, named Doberman was outside. We were walking on the side of the street that was next to his back yard.

    "What are you doing on this side of the block, Bandito?" Doberman barked menacingly.

    Suddenly, Morgan picked me up and moved to the other side of the street.

    "Why isn't his owner outside with him?" Morgan whispered to herself. Doberman kept barking at us. He suddenly moved across the yard.

    Well, he actually ran across the yard and he was coming right at us! I started to whimper and Morgan started to cry. (As you may know, I was not really scared of Doberman; I was just trying to add effect to the moment…) I put my head on Morgan's shoulder and licked her gently.

    Morgan backed up into the yard behind us. She was leaning against a tree. I was wondering why she wasn't running away… maybe she was scared that Doberman would follow her or something… or maybe she was just so scared that she couldn't move.

    When I turned around, I saw Doberman do something that I never thought a dog would do. He was at the edge of his yard, standing with his front legs on the curb, and he actually stepped onto the road!!! He just broke doggy rule #1 right there! I mean besides going on the carpet and spilling the garbage and knocking over your food dish. Okay, so he broke doggy rule #1 of the outside doggy rule book.

    Morgan nearly screamed, but she managed to hold it in.

    Doberman started to come across the road, slowly, as if he thought that any minute somebody would come out and yell at him.

    When he got to the middle of the road, Morgan started to look around, as if there was somebody around to help her. "Make a break for it," Lucy barked loudly.

    "Hurry! Run! RUN," Gunner yelled.

    "I can't! Morgan is holding me," I told him. Then I barked. Really loud. Like, the loudest I ever barked. Gunner and Lucy both stopped. Morgan held me tighter as Doberman started coming…closer…and closer…then…BOOM!

    I whipped my head around to see Doberman's owner stepping out of his garage. The garage door had banged shut as he let it go. He called and whistled for Doberman, who unwillingly turned around. With a look over his shoulder he said to me "I will be back. Until then, stay out of my yard,"

    Then Doberman's owner yelled "He won't hurt your puppy," to Morgan.

    "PUPPY?! PUPPY!? HE CALLED ME A PUPPY," I thought. I had never been more offended in my whole life.

    Morgan ran home with me still held tight in her arms. She let me loose in the house and went out the back door. I guessed that was the end of that.

    A few days later, on Friday, Morgan's step dad's mom came to visit. It was July 14th. Morgan and her brother Cameron left that day with their dad. Now, I was bored. Morgan has a baby brother who doesn't like to play with me because I'm too rough, and her older brother and sister are always out all the time so they couldn't play with me either.

    Morgan and Cameron came home on Saturday, but it seemed like they were gone for weeks! Now, as you'd imagine, I was so excited to see them. They played with me a bit that day, but the next morning, they leave again! At least they said good-bye and gave a lot of hugs and kisses. Now, it's me and the mom, step dad and baby. Seems like I'd have the time of my life, huh?

    Then, a week later, they leave! They left me with this guy who was really nice (I think he was Morgan's grandpa) but I missed Morgan so much!

    Finally, they came back. Morgan took me for so many walks that summer, and she played with me in the pool, and I played with Gunner and Lucy so many times! But on August 28th, I was woken up early by a noise I didn't recognize.

    Everyone in the house was getting up at the same time! That had never happened before. I barked from my cage.

    Morgan came by, took me out, patted my head, and put me outside.

    Was I being basically ignored, or what? The weird thing was Morgan wasn't in pajamas like she normally was in the morning. She had on some new looking sneakers and was totally dressed.

    A few minutes later, Morgan came out onto the deck with me. Our back door leads to a large deck that has steps that go down to a smaller deck, a nice yard, and a swimming pool.

    Morgan gave me 2 treats, kissed me and said good-bye. She called over her shoulder, "I'm saying good-bye to Bandit before the bus comes," Bus? What's a bus? I licked her hand. She kissed me again and left.

    About 10 minutes later, I heard a loud rumbling noise and a squealing sound. I jumped up to the railing on the side of the deck, supporting my weight with my 2 front paws. I saw this huge yellow car that was really long. It was on the road next to the neighbor's yard. I saw kids getting on it. Was that Morgan?

    Yes! I barked to her excitedly and she looked over and waved. When she got on, the door closed and the big vehicle went down the road and stopped in front of a small house where more kids got on. I watched it until it got to the corner again and then turned and disappeared. Bye, Morgan.

    I sat down on a lawn chair with a small cushion on it. It was about 8:00 AM, so the sun was peeking around the house. It was shining brightly on the cushion, which was very warm, and soon I fell asleep. I woke up a few times during the day to get an occasional drink of water or nibble of food, but I always dozed off again.

    I woke up to hear the big squealing sound again. The sun was high in the sky. I saw Morgan cutting through the neighbor's yard. I ran to the yard and poked my nose through the fence. Morgan petted me through the fence. She went around to the front of her house.

    A few minutes later, she came outside to play. Boy was I happy! I wanted to ask her why she got in the big yellow thing, but I couldn't…you know…since I'm a dog.

    The next morning, the same thing happened! And the next day…and the next day…and the next day! But, finally, I was able to wake up around my original wake-up time…9:00AM.

    Morgan came downstairs and opened my cage a few minutes later. I was happy to see that she still had her pajamas on. We played outside a lot that day.

    The next day was a normal day, too. Morgan and I slept in until about 10:00AM. Except then everybody got all dressed up again and left for an hour! But then they came back and Morgan and I went for a walk and played all day.

    The next day, she woke up early again and got back on the big yellow thing. The same things kept happening every week. But then Gunner came over! My mom's owner, Morgan's best friend Cassy, came home with Morgan that day and they played outside with Gunner and me.

    Chapter #2
    Strange White Stuff and Strange Events

    As the weeks went on, it got colder and playing outside with Morgan became even rarer and Gunner couldn't come over anymore. (I learned later that he and Lucy had moved far away.)

    One day, in November, everyone kept saying the word "Birthday" and I didn't know what it was. Later, I learned that it meant you get older.

    It was Jeffrey's birthday, and he turned 17 years old.

    Then, just when I thought the worst had happened, the worst came. I was dozing out on the deck waiting to hear the yellow thing so I could go see Morgan. The sky was all gray and scary looking. Then I stood up and looked at the sky. I thought I saw something falling from the sky, but it wasn't water.

    I had seen and even felt water that came from the sky before, but this was different. As it came closer, I saw that it was white.

    White?! What's that?! I thought.

    I was sitting on the deck now, with my head turned to the sky, watching the mysterious white rain. Then one came closer and I kept my eye on it. It landed on my nose. Then the wind picked up and some more fell on my nose. It got colder out.

    I was really scared of this stuff! It was colder than rain and it turned some of the grass white! I started running like a lunatic dog. My once comfy cushion was now covered in the strange white stuff. I finally found a small corner of the deck that wasn't covered in white stuff.

    I sat there and waited to hear the yellow thing. Then I heard knocking.

    I ran to the glass door and saw Morgan. By the way, I didn't hear the yellow thing or see her get off of it. I must have looked freaky to her because she got this scared look on her face.

    She opened the door and let me in. I ran in and jumped on my favorite big red recliner. Morgan rubbed the white stuff off of me. Oh! I thought. I must have been covered in white stuff! That's why she thought I looked weird!

    Then I played with her and went to bed. She was really pumped up that week and the next one until one Thursday morning. Morgan was really happy and everyone (as in her brothers Cameron and Jeff and her mom and step-dad) was telling her "Happy Birthday,"

    What's birthday? I was really excited when she got home because she came out on the deck with me. The white stuff had melted earlier that week. She came out and ran around the deck with me. Then I got too excited and ran right in between her legs and tripped her. She didn't mind, though. She hugged me and went back inside.

    The next day nobody said the word "Birthday," anymore. The next few weeks were pretty boring. But then I realized that "Birthday" means you get older. So now Morgan is 11. Yay! Wahoo!

    The white stuff would come and go. The ground would normally be covered in frost when I would go outside for my morning sit-down.

    Speaking of the word sit, Morgan taught me 2 new tricks! To sit, I have to plant my butt on the ground and not jump… which is really hard because Morgan normally has a treat in her hand and it's hard not to be jumpy. Another is shake, which they sometimes call paw.

    I have to be in sitting position and put my paw in Morgan's hand. It's fun, but it takes a lot of work. As you might have noticed, dogs get older, too. As of 2 days after Morgan's birthday, I was 8 months old. I was getting bigger.

    But before Morgan's birthday, I had to get fixed. That's what Morgan and her family called it. But, anyway, everyone in the house kept acting all happy and stuff. Then a huge tree grew in the living room! They put all these glass balls on it that looked really good to chew. They also put things on called "˜Candy Canes.' Weird, huh? Then they hung up these big sock things in their living room. These people were really making me curious!

    I also started realizing that Morgan was home a lot around that time. Then, on Saturday, December 23, 2006, 2 people came to their house and the family was really happy to see them. I'd seen them before, but couldn't remember where. AHA! Then I remembered! I had never seen the man before, but the woman was Morgan's step-dad's mom that had come to our house over the summer!

    I was really happy to see them, but Morgan kept saying, "Down, Bandit! Get down! Stop it," and then I felt really sad that I couldn't join in the fun. But then the house started smelling really good!

    After everybody ate dinner, including me, Morgan's little brother's god-mother and her husband came over. I didn't really remember them, but I did when Morgan started calling them "Kathleen" and "Jibbert" I had met them a while ago, and they were really nice.

    They gave Morgan and her brothers and sister each something wrapped in colorful paper. Morgan got a small pink box about the size of her hand. She would hold it up to her face and push a button. Then there was a "˜Beep," and this blinding flash would fill the room. She did it again in front of my cage.

    "Beep," Flash! I backed up in my cage. I was blind! I couldn't see! Every time I blinked all I saw was whiteness! "Help me! Somebody help me," I thought.

    Then I sat down and closed my eyes for a long time. When I opened them, everything was normal again. I relaxed. Then, when Kathleen and Jibbert went home, I decided to take a nap, since I was let out of my cage.

    I settled on the couch with Mark, Morgan's step dad, and fell asleep.

    I woke up when everybody was getting ready for bed. Morgan went up to her room with a bowl of chips. I was alone on the couch.

    Mark came in and let me outside for a couple of minutes.

    When I came back in, I got in my cage and snuggled with my polar bear blanket and fell asleep.

    I woke up when everyone was moving around. Morgan kept asking her sister, "Where's the gift exchange again?" What's a gift exchange? I wasn't sure, but then Morgan, Jeffrey, Cameron, and Brittany left with wrapped packages. They got back about 2 and a half hours later.

    Morgan was holding a tan-colored purse and Cameron had some new action figures.

    I didn't pay attention to what Brit had, but I did notice that Jeffrey wasn't with them. I didn't know where he was.

    Then Morgan and Cameron played with their little brother Carson for a while with his toy parking garage and I sat on the couch the whole time watching the cars zooming halfway across the floor when Carson threw them. That whole day was kind of boring.

    Later, while I sat in my cage, Morgan came and sat down on the floor with some comics. Since it was Sunday, the comics in the newspaper were bigger and came in color.

    Before she finished reading them, her mom called, "Morgan! It's time to get ready for church," I knew that they went to church on Sunday, but they never went in the evening…what was going on!? Soon, they left.

    I sat in my cage and looked at the tree that had grown in their living room earlier that month. I wondered why it was colored in lights and decorations. Did they like having a tree in their living room? Did they actually look forward to this thing sprouting each year? I fell asleep and awoke later that night when the family got home.

    Morgan and her sister put on pajamas with reindeer on them and the boys had new pajamas, too. Then they left again. They came back about an hour or so later and all said things like, "I wander if we'll hear Santa," and "Is Carson going to sleep in the boys' room, too?"

    Then, they lit up the tree, turned out the lights, left out some cookies, and went to bed. I didn't know what they were doing. The kids had all gone downstairs to sleep in Cameron and Jeffrey's room. I wondered if anybody would hear this Santa' character. I wondered if he would come into the house.

    I rolled onto my back on my polar bear blanket. As I fell asleep, I thought "Whoever this guy is, he isn't getting past the guard dog… If I hear him, I'll bark up a storm."

    Later that night, I woke up because I heard boots against the hardwood floor. I heard somebody crunching on cookies and then I heard, "Ho! Ho! Ho," I was kind of scared. I sat up, but my legs got tangled in polar bear blanket, and I tumbled back down again.

    The crunching stopped, and then I got really scared. This guy that I didn't know was in our house, and he knew that I was awake!

    Then, as a peeked out, I saw a shadowy figure — which was awfully chubby — bend down and put a present under the tree. As a kept looking, I realized he had put a whole bunch of presents under the tree. Maybe he's not such a bad guy after all' I thought as I fell back to sleep.

    Chapter #3 Lots of New Things!

    The next morning, everybody was awake early. I woke up with them.

    I heard them saying "Happy Birthday" again, this time to Cameron.

    I watched them as they opened the gifts the chubby guy had put under the tree.

    Morgan opened this really big box. She pulled out a smaller box with a bag inside of it. In the back was a smaller box. In that box was another bag, and in the bag was a smaller box wrapped in tissue paper. She unwrapped it and stared at it in awe. "I…got…an iPod !!!"

    I wandered what an iPod was.

    She pulled something out of the little box. It was a small green rectangle. There were headphones that came with it. iPod … iPod … the word sounded familiar. Where had I heard it before?

    Later, Morgan left and I was let out of my cage when the wrapping paper was cleaned up. I was glad that the chubby guy hadn't stayed long, or else I might have gone bananas!

    Later that day, they had a small birthday party for Cameron. Morgan and Brittany and Cameron and Jeffery all stayed home for a few days.

    About a week and a half later, Brittany went off to college again. The others started going back to school. Memere and Papere went back to Canada. Things went back to normal. White stuff came and went.

    In January, nothing much happened at all.

    On February 10, everyone kept saying "Happy Birthday" again. Is it Morgan's birthday again? Or is it Cameron's? I thought. (I later learned that it was the baby, Carson's birthday.) Before they — by they, I mean Morgan, Jeffrey, Brittany, who had come home from college, Carson, Mom, Grandma, Pap, Morgan's step dad Mark, and their neighbor Bonnie — started their birthday party, Morgan gave me a little tennis ball.

    I flopped down in my cage on top of Polar Bear Blanket and started chewing away. By the time they finished eating cake and giving Carson his new 4 foot tall basketball hoop, I had chewed the ball to bits.

    Morgan was surprised. Then she just shrugged and brought out a new one from the kitchen. Then she let me out of my cage and we played fetch for a few minutes. Then I practiced my new tricks, lie down and roll over.

    Mark would say 'Sit' and I would sit. Then he would say 'down' and I would lie down. Then he would say 'over' and I would roll over. But it was really hard to learn!

    The next day, Sunday, Brittany went back to College and things went back to normal.

    On Wednesday, Morgan and Cameron and Jeffrey stayed home from school because it got canceled. It was February 14. They were glad to get a break from school.

    They kept saying, "Happy Valentine's Day," I was getting really confused, because over the year, they kept saying things like, "Merry Christmas," and "Happy New Year," and especially "Happy Birthday." These people always had special occasions going on!

    After Valentine's Day, things sort of returned to normal. Morgan, Jeffrey, and Cameron went to school. Their mom baby sat two three year old girls and took care of her own three year old son. The cats, Cornell and Blaze, normally stayed in the basement. The mysterious white stuff stayed on the ground unless there was water coming from the sky instead.

    Soon it was March. I learned later in my life about my age, and that I was 11 months old in March.

    Weather started getting nicer and Morgan would take me for walks more often. It was normally sunny out.

    Life was great.

    Chapter #4 Younger Puppy Days

    This chapter is all about my life before I went to live with Morgan.

    I was born on Easter of 2006. My mother was Morgan's best friend's dog. My mother was named Inis. My father was also Morgan's friend's dog. His name was Blitz.

    I had 6 brothers and sisters. Their names were Tessa, Greta, Dale, Gunner, Shiloh, and Snickers.

    I was originally named Shiloh, but there was a mix-up with the pups and now one of my brothers is named Shiloh. The only 2 dogs that kept their birth names were Greta and Snickers.

    Tessa was born as Lil' Girl. Dale — who used to live with Morgan's dad — was born as Milky Way. Shiloh, as I said used to be my name, was born as Sniffers. Gunner — who used to live down the road but moved far away — was born as Frisbees.

    I lived with at Morgan's friend's house for 12 weeks, until I was old enough to move away. Greta and I get in touch sometimes because Greta still lives with Morgan's friend because she decided to keep her. My big brother, Dale, is now named Rocky, since he moved away.

    I remember when I was just a little pup, I would snuggle up with my brothers and sisters next to my mom and we would all fall asleep. It was always so relaxing to hear my mother's steady heartbeat as I fell asleep. It was like a lullaby.

    I remember when I was old enough to run, my brothers and I would romp around and wrestle and tackle each other. My sisters would just sit aside and wait for my mother to break us up if we got too violent.

    Normally, I was the trouble maker. I was the little ball of fur that loved to wreck stuff. I ran into tables and chairs, I nibbled on the hands of those who held me, and I was always the first to start a wrestling match early in the morning with my brothers.

    But, when I calmed down enough, I was as cuddly as anything. I would love to just lie down with my mother while the others weren't there. I would snuggle up next to her, and we would fall asleep, just the two of us.

    I remember the day when Morgan came to get me from that house. I was in the kennel in the back yard. I was playing with Snickers and Sniffers, when we heard a car coming down the road. We saw Cassy, Morgan's friend, coming over to the kennel. She called for Lil' Girl. She came romping out of our igloo-shaped dog house to the doorway of the kennel.

    Cassy opened the door and picked her up. We thought that Cassy was going to play, so we ran to the doorway. She closed the door and put her head close to Lil' Girl's head. She sniffled. She started to walk back to the house. She stopped at the drive way.

    Cassy's mom was in the driveway. The people who were in the car got out. Cassy started crying. She hugged Lil' Girl, but then handed her to the woman who got out of the car. Then I realized what was happening.

    "Guys," I said to my siblings. "They're getting rid of Lil' Girl! She's going to a new home,"

    We were all in a panic. We started barking and whining. Cassy then came over to the kennel. I jumped at the door. She reached in and picked up Sniffers. "No! Sniffers! Don't go! Please,"

    Sniffers barked at me. He said "I can't control where I go! I'll always miss you guys."

    A silver car came up the road. I didn't know then, but it was Morgan's car. Morgan got out. She reached out and patted Sniffers on the head. Cassy said something to her. Morgan got a confused expression on her face.

    Cassy and Morgan both started toward the kennel. Cassy opened the kennel door and set down Sniffers. I was so glad he was back. Then he said, "Shiloh! They're going to take." But he was cut off.

    assy picked me up and cradled me in her arms. She gave me to Morgan and started sniffling again. Morgan gave Cassy a hug and they both started walking back to Morgan's car.

    Of course, I knew that I was being taken away from the only place I had ever known. I looked over Morgan's shoulder. She was a stranger to me then. I howled to my siblings. Greta, Frisbees, Sniffers, Snickers and Milky Way ran to the door of the kennel and jumped up on their hind legs.

    They all howled their good-byes to me. I knew I would probably never see most of them again. I barked to Sniffers, "I'll miss you! Don't forget me! You're my best friend,"

    He howled to me, "I won't forget you Shiloh,"

    Morgan opened her car door. I was placed in the back seat and she slid in next to me.

    She waved to Cassy and closed the door.

    Her mom started driving away. I looked out the window and saw that Sniffers was the only one that was still on his hind legs against the door of the kennel. He was still looking at the car.

    That was the last time that I ever saw Sniffers.

    Since that time, I've seen Greta, Milky Way, Snickers, and Frisbees again. But Lil' Girl and Sniffers never saw me since then.

    As you would imagine, I was really scared. I had seen Morgan plenty of times before when she had come over to Cassy's house, but I never thought that she would take me away from my family.

    I know that I make it sound so cruel, that she 'took me away from my family' but that's what it seemed like to me. I was just a pup. I was nervous. I jumped around the car. It was evening, so it was the sky was turning purplish.

    I investigated the seats, the floor, and I tried to get to the front seat, but was gently pushed back by Morgan's mother.

    I looked out the partly open window that Morgan had opened. I watched the house get smaller and smaller until we turned a corner and it was gone.

    When we arrived at Morgan's house, the smells amazed me! I smelled something cooking. Her step-dad was cooking something.

    I had a comfy oval-shaped bed to sleep in. I also had a big cage. That's when I met Polar Bear Blanket.

    I loved it! It was soft and fuzzy.

    My first night at Morgan's house was kind of scary. Not to mention lonely! I was so used to sleeping with all of my brothers and sisters.

    Normally, when all of us dogs would go to sleep, we would each have a sleeping buddy. There was always one pup that didn't get a sleeping buddy, so theirs was mother.

    My sleeping buddy was always Sniffers. I wandered who his sleeping buddy was tonight. It was probably Snickers, his twin, or even Milky Way. I huddled in a corner of my cage with Polar Bear Blanket.

    My bed wasn't in my cage, so I wasn't as warm as I could've been. I was so scared because I heard creaking from the 2nd floor. I eventually fell asleep.

    For the next 2 weeks or so I had trouble going to sleep, but nothing was as scary as that first night.

    Chapter #5 The Meaning of Birthday

    One morning, on Sunday, April 15th, 2007,
    Morgan said to me, "Tomorrow is your birthday, Bandit."

    "What?" I thought. "My birthday? That can't be right! Why would it be my birthday? Birthdays are for people! Not for dogs."

    That night, even though Morgan had school the next day, she stayed at Cassy's house over night.

    When she came home from school the next day, her mother told her that dance had been canceled because of the weather.

    I looked out the window and saw that the mysterious white stuff was coming down hard. Morgan came to my cage and let me out.

    "I hear that you opened one of your presents already," she told me. As a matter of fact, I did. That afternoon while she was at school, I had gone into Morgan's room and stolen one of the wrapped presents she had gotten for me. It was a rectangular shaped chewy toy that said, 'chew me' on it. It had a small rope attached to it with a tennis ball on the end.

    I chewed it all up. Boy was it fun!

    "Happy birthday to my puppy," she said. "And since dance got canceled, I get to spend the rest of the day with you."

    I was glad to hear that! I yipped with excitement, ready to get the party started! I still didn't believe it was my birthday, though. Those were only for people.

    Morgan brought downstairs from her room two gift wrapped packages. They were lumpy and looked great for chewing. Morgan set them on the floor about four feet apart from each other. I ran to the smaller one and picked it up.

    I ran around with it for a little while Morgan, the little girl her mom baby-sits, and Morgan's little brother Carson chased after me. I then crawled under the coffee table in their living room and started to tear it open.

    It was a football with a small rope going through it. I loved it!

    I played and played with it until I remembered the other package. It was a long oval shaped chewy toy. It was black with a red and white rope looping through one end. I was having so much fun!

    Morgan put me back in my cage and said, "Now it's time for cake! We'll be right back."

    I was wondering what kind of cake she would give me. Would it have icing? Or even better…Peanut Butter! I love peanut butter!

    Morgan came back in after about 15 minutes. She had a tray with what she called a "˜Doggy Cake' on it. There were 3 dog treats lined up next to 3 more dog treats. On top of that was 2 big treats. On top of that was 2 small criss-crossed treats. And it was all stuck together with Peanut Butter!

    When she came in the room, she was singing the song I had heard many times throughout the year. It was the birthday song.

    I thought that it was only for people! I loved the sound of my name in it…

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday, Dear Bandit!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Then she said, "Now how old are you turning, Bandit?" as if I could answer. I yipped, though, just to let her know that I would answer if I could.

    "One? Okay," she said. Then she lightly tugged my ear and said, "One…" then she pulled a second time and said, "One for good measure…" then pulled it once more and said, "And one to bark on."

    I barked once more and lifted up my football to let her know that I wanted to play. But then she set down my cake.

    I dropped the football immediately and gobbled up the cake. Then I barked appreciatively and picked up the football again.

    She wrestled it out of my mouth and threw it. I ran after it and brought it back.

    We played that way for a while, and then I went back to my cage and had a long nap.

    Morgan came to my cage at about 8:00 PM and put me outside. When she brought me back in, her mom gave me a yummy ice cream cone full of vanilla ice cream. It was great!

    Then Morgan put me in my cage, where I snuggled up to, not Polar Bear Blanket, but a fuzzy blue blanket that felt just like Polar Bear Blanket did when he was new.

    Morgan kissed the top of my head and sang a new birthday song:

    Kings and Queens and Princess, too
    Want to wish the best to you!
    So wish day!
    Wash day!
    What do you say?
    Happy Birthday
    To you!

    "Happy Birthday, Bandit," she said.

    Then I finally understood the meaning of the word,

    That is the story of a dog named Bandit who was sad to leave his old home, but soon realized that his new home was just as comforting. He also realized that when he felt happy or sad, it was called emotions. He learned of one of the strongest emotions when he moved to his new home…

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    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday, Dear Bandit!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Ruff Ruff

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    Wait, whose birthday is it Josie?

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    i love Cielito lindo!!!! i fell in love with it. speaking of falling,i studied f=xma

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    Wild! Ooh!

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