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Decorating our Christmas tree
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Do you like our Christmas tree? My Baby Monsters and I put it up.

My Baby Monsters are too small to reach even the bottom branches, so I had to help them up. I gave them my step stool, the one I hadn't used since I was little, and instructed them to be very, very careful with the ornaments, because they were very, very fragile.

Did you see how we did it? No, okay, I'll show you.

"You ready Baby Monsters. No, well what about now. Good."

Did you see that? No, you weren't even watching us. Okay, we'll do it again.

"You ready Baby Monsters. No, well what about now. Good."

See it that time? They're standing on each other's shoulders… and that is how My Baby Monsters and I decorated our Christmas tree.

Night night,


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Decorating our Christmas tree?
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