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Squishy worms feel so good
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I like to garden in the dark
without my shoes or socks,
so I can feel the squishy worms
slipping sliding between my toes,
and be surprised in the morning
by what my garden grows.

The other day
I planted weeds,
because I wanted to destroy all the plants.
But the pineapples didn't like that
and they yelled, "No no no,"
so I ate them.

Night night,
— Josie


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"Squishy worms feel so good"
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  1. Storyteller Zoe (15) added to the children's story:

    The worms gor revenge on that little girl that night and her mummy wasnt happy with her and said"What have i told you about eating slimy creepy gross worms you disgusting little brat. now look at you, youve turned yourself into a worm and so i hope that teaches you a lesson young lady!"

  2. Storyteller Gloria added to the children's story:

    The next morning when I awake from bed, I notice that they grew larger than a pineapple could do. I looked down and what did I see? The worms looking up at me. They rolled me out of bed, they rolled me down the stairs, they rolled me to the breakfast table where my mother was cooking pancakes. And when she turned around, she not only frowned. She screamed so loud pancakes flew everywhere. What are we going to do? my mother said.

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Squishy worms feel so good?
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This children's story can be found in the My Baby Monsters Storytelling Library of Children's Stories, under All the Best Life Stories for Kids. It was written by Josie (Daughter of My Baby Monsters and Child Storyteller) on Thursday, February 16th, 2006 at 8:06 pm (Josie Time, UTC +2).

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