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The credit card who got shredded
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One day
Baby Monster Bubblegum Boy
shredded his daddy's credit card.

His daddy wasn't very happy,
Baby Monster Bubblegum Boy
got punished.

for 8 months.

So when the other baby monsters
watched TV,
he couldn't…
not for 8 months.

And the first day he got to watch TVTV again,
he was so happy…
but he got punished again.

Have fun,
— Josie


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  1. Storyteller Credit Card added to the children's story:

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The credit card who got shredded?
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This children's story can be found in the My Baby Monsters Storytelling Library of Children's Stories, under All the Best Life Stories for Kids. It was written by Josie (Daughter of My Baby Monsters and Child Storyteller) on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006 at 1:46 pm (Josie Time, UTC +2).

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