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Santa Claus and the little girl [storytelling game]
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Once upon a time there was a little girl,
and it was Christmas Night.
She was sleeping,
but then Santa Claus came
and he didn't make any presents for her,
because he forgot.


Santa said, "Ho ho ho. I'm going to send you on vacation to Hawaii instead."


The mommy and daddy woke up in the morning and said,
"Hmm, where's our little girl?"
"I don't know, but we got to find her."


The mommy and the daddy called the police
because their little girl was missing.
A neighbor had seen Santa Claus at their house.


The neighbor said,
"I saw you little girl with Santa Claus getting tickets for going on a plane.


(calypso song)
Bum bum bum ba ba ba bap
Bum bum bum ba ba ba bap

The little girl was in Hawaii having the bestest time with Santa Claus.


No, Santa Claus wasn't there.
He was making presents for the other kids with the elves.


The mommy and the daddy got on the plane
and started chasing Santa Claus around the world.


They called the police every time the got to another place.


Every time Santa Claus tried to land on a roof,
the police said, "Hey tubby, come on over here."


The police officer went in the sled with Santa Claus
and put Santa Claus' handcuffs on.


The Police said, "Hey Santa, where's the little girl."


"I don't know, " he said, "she must be in America."


Have fun,
— Josie

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  1. Storyteller Sue (9) added to the children's story:

    The little girl saw on a TV that floated by her on a raft in the pool that Santa Claus had been arrested and that the whole world was looking for her, so she went to the beach and started digging a hole home.


  2. Storyteller Anonymous added to the children's story:

    The officer asked, "Why did you give her plane tickets?"

  3. Storyteller Megan Kim added to the children's story:

    Once upon a time there was four girls named Megan, Baliey, Crystal, and Katelin. They were sleeping when suddenly….. Santa Claus came.

    Santa was in their house and shook them and woke them up. Then Santa said, he had no presents for them. He gave them to people that were almost as naughty as the naughty people, and when they came, they said you were naughty, so you didn't get any presents. So please be good next time, and I promise I won't forget your presents.

    So, off Santa went saying, "HO HO HO Merry Christmas" to everyone. Then he went back to the North Pole to have a great rest after his long, long trip. And now the four girls are waiting and waiting for next Christmas.

  4. Storyteller Kayla 10 added to the children's story:

    It was Christmas eve and everyone in the house was quite and excited!! But were the kids naughty or nice??

    Katlen wanted a baby doll. She was 5. And Dave wanted a Power Ranger. He was 6. And Mikayla wanted a new outfit. She was 12!!!

    The kids had been terribly NAUGHTY!!

    Katlen hit her brother. Dave took 3 cookies from the cookie jar when mom said NO. And Mikayla back talked her mom!!!

    That night Mikayla, heard a LOUD crash on the roof. She woke up and ran downstairs, looked on the table where the cookies were, and they were still there.

    Mikayla, looked over at the fire place where the stocking hung empty. She looked under the tree, and it was empty too, but when she looked back at the stocking, she now saw a lump!!!

    She stuck her hand inside and it was hard powdery and … she took it out it was cold. Oh no thought Mikayla as she put on her slippers and ran outside. Santa was on his sled and saying, "… on Dasher, on Dancer …" and Mikayla Screamed "Wait!!!"

    Santa turned around really quick. He said, "Oooooo Mikayla, what are you doing out here?"

    "Well Santa," she said freezing!!! "I was coming out here to say sorry for being so naughty!!! She said it she could do anything to get her presents for her and her brother and sister.

    Santa tapped his chin… "Well, ok," he said. "Hop in. You have to help me get around the world. I am already late."

    They all took off in a jip and took turns going down the chimneys!

    They were at the last house and Mikayla was so tired!!!

    Santa said, "Thank you, Mikayla. You were such a great help!!" He then gave her the most perfect outfit she could imagine, and he gave Katlen a beautiful doll, and dave a strong Power Ranger!!

    They all had a great Christmas.


  5. Storyteller Brittany 13 added to the children's story:

    merry christmas
    i want a laptop
    and lots more
    see u soon

  6. Storyteller Jared 13 added to the children's story:

    The police searched in Hawaii and found the girl alive and the little girl was scared for life because Santa was really Micheal Jackson

  7. Storyteller Luisa 13 added to the children's story:

    In America! What do you mean America? I thought she was with you.

    Oh no, I told her that I would give her the present of going to Hawaii. I never said that I personally would go with her.

    Than why do you think she is in America?

    Because the trip only lasted 8 hours and its been 14 hours since I left her on the plane.

    When the police officer heard this, he quickly went to go tell the little girl's parents.

    It turns out that the little girl was already at her house sleeping next to her parents.

    Just then Santa passes by the house and yells,
    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas, Alice. Merry Christmas.

  8. Storyteller hateya barr 7 added to the children's story:

    I love it

  9. Storyteller Please finish this story about Ryan the Reindeer! « Santa Claus Christmas Blog Santa.net added to the children's story:

    […] We got this great idea from mybabymonsters.com […]

  10. Storyteller cierra 10 added to the children's story:

    And then
    The little girl was not found until the next day the reason why is because the little girl dug a hole into the sand and ended up in America .The little girl knew where she was supposed to go so she went to the police station. She told the police officer her mom and dads names and phone numbers and said she was lost. When her parents got there they were so happy to see her. THE END

    P.S Santa Claus did get out of jail and the little girl got in trouble

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