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Little Bird ate an airplane for breakfast
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Oooo, she was so hungry.

It was a sunny day,
and Baby Monster Little Bird was high in the sky
flying around
looking for something to eat.

It was so sunny
that it was was hard for her to see,
but Little Bird didn't go home
she needed to eat.

Rumble rumble, went Little Bird's tummy.

Something shinny caught her eye.
and as it flew closer, it rumbled too…
Little Bird liked it's sound
and needed to taste it.

it was an airplane.

She ate a part of the wing –
And the airplane could still fly.

She ate took another bite –
Now it couldn't fly.

The airplane landed on the ground,
but it was already at the airport,
so the people got off.

The were very happy
they didn't get hurt…
except for the one that was already on crutches.

Have fun,
— Josie

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"Little Bird ate an airplane for breakfast"
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  1. Storyteller Sarah (5) added to the children's story:

    But don't worry, the little boy that was on crutches only got hurt a little… just on his pinky toe.

  2. Storyteller Jody (8) added to the children's story:

    Unfortunately his pinky toe fell off and Little Bird thought it was a worm so she picked it up in her beak and flew away.

  3. Storyteller Fiona (19) added to the children's story:

    As Little Bird was flying away she suddenly got a tummy ache, she needed to get rid of lunch.
    So as she flew over the city she saw a lovely tree to stop and rest in.
    Lunch went with a 'Ploop' and landed on Mr Archie's shoulder.
    'Oh well' said Archie. But Archie's friend couldn't understand why Archie wasn't more upset, white bird poop on his brand new suit jacket.
    'Well you see," replied Archie, "I'm just glad cows don't fly"

  4. Storyteller Heather Anderson added to the children's story:

    After her poop, Little Bird smiled,
    She felt as light as a feather,
    She stretched her wings and flew around
    In the beautiful sunny weather.

    "I wonder what," thought Litte Bird
    "This day will hold for me?"
    But then the black clouds gathered round
    And it was clear to see.

    The wind and rain was so intense
    Little Bird tried to hide
    Inside a big and hollow tree
    Who's roots were strong and wide

    "Don't be scared my little friend,"
    Said the wise and sturdy tree
    "For you are safe as you can feel
    Now that you're here with me."

    "What a thrill," thought little bird
    As she snuggled up inside
    Her new found friend, the wise old tree
    Whose heart was on her side.

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Little Bird ate an airplane for breakfast?
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