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Baby Monster Snowball Blues [kids coloring page: 9]
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We love our new Blue Snowball podcasting microphone so much that it's turned itself into a Baby Monster… Baby Monster Snowball Blues. Snowball Blues is a great listener who turns cool sounds into warm stories.

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Baby Monster Snowball Blues
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This Storytelling Coloring Page was featured on the
My Baby Monsters children's story sharing podcast, episode 9:
The Commercial Show [podcast]

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  5. And I'll add it to My Baby Monsters Children's Art Gallery.

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Snowball Blues t-shirts.

Have fun,
– Josie (and dad)

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"Baby Monster Snowball Blues [kids coloring page: 9]"
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  1. Storyteller Jens (10) added to the children's story:

    Baby Monster Snowball Blues
    looks deep into your mouth and swallows your words

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Baby Monster Snowball Blues [kids coloring page: 9]?
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This children's story can be found in the My Baby Monsters Storytelling Library of Children's Stories, under All the Best Stories of My Baby Monsters, The Best Free Coloring Pages. It was written by Josie (Daughter of My Baby Monsters and Child Storyteller) on Friday, July 7th, 2006 at 11:30 am (Josie Time, UTC +2).

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